64GB Micro SD Card Works on Samsung Galaxy S2 & HTC Sensation


Sandisk 64gb Micro SDXCIn a Youtube video by AndroidNZ.net, they have confirmed that Sandisk's 64gb micro sd (sdxc) cards really do work with the Samsung Galaxy SII. It is also mentioned in the video that the 64gb microsd works with the HTC Sensation, and even yesteryear's Galaxy S.

The 64gb micro sdxc card wasn't immediately recognized by the Galaxy S2 when it was first inserted, but worked after formatting (using the phone) to FAT32 file system.

At the time of this writing, a Sandisk 64gb Micro SDXC card costs $219.99 at Sandisk's official website. With the Galaxy S2's 16-gigabyte internal storage and this micro sd card, you can enjoy up to 80 gigs worth of media - that's even more than some other gadgets using solid state drives, all on such a relatively small gadget.

Check out the video below:


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Anonymous Says : trash icon

Fantastic! I sure hope it also works with the Galaxy Note with stock rom and kernel when it comes it. It's going to be all I ever need in a mobile device.

Anonymous Says : trash icon

Also works with the ASUS Transformer tablet!

Anonymous Says : trash icon

HTC biggest mistake was not supporting SD-cards... Being a media phone, only having 16 gb ouch...

Anonymous Says : trash icon

64gb micro sd cards are confirmed to work with Motorola Droid RAZR XT912 too! Looks like these 64gb cards will work in almost all smartphones, but they're just not officially supported.

Anonymous Says : trash icon

Will this work on Galaxy Skyrocket or HTC Vivid?

Anonymous Says : trash icon

I wonder if this will work with the Sony Ericsson Xperia phones?

Anonymous Says : trash icon

This is another reason why I never considered the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Good luck being stuck with internal memory.

Blake Says : trash icon

64 gb micro sdxc also works on Asus Transformer Prime!

Anonymous Says : trash icon

The max internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy SIII / S3 is 64gb - with this card, you'll have a whopping total of 128gb in your mobile device! How can HTC's One X compare???

Anonymous Says : trash icon

My Galaxy S2 will now have close to 80gb of media storage. I don't need the cloud storage. All my media will be right here with me. Sweet!!!!

Anonymous Says : trash icon

Cloud storage is a nice idea but my phone signal drops off 3g at every given opportunity. Not to mention there's only 1 network in this country (uk) with unlimited data and it's the smallest network, cloud services being a viable option are still a little way off....

Anonymous Says : trash icon

This is the exact reason why the HTC One X is a no go.

C.Joseph Says : trash icon


i have the original Samsung Galaxy S, now ir I have a chance I want to give it a try. As Ive reach 32 GB of music my 32GB iPod touch 4g is not as Nice for store media as it used to be. Its a nice pmp, indeed but 64gb is the way to go form now on.

BeesKnees Says : trash icon

Good news! This 64gb sdxc also works on Nokia 808 PureView!

Quang Says : trash icon

In a YouTube video I saw of this being done, there are comments indicating that this trick does not work on class 10; only class 6. Can anybody verify if they've gotten a class 10 to work?

connor oswald Says : trash icon

Will it work with a 32 or 16 gb micro sdhc card

j.holgate Says : trash icon

Here's my specs:

Mac 4x2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 1 GB RAM OS 10.5.8
Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 Android OS 4.0.4 AT&T (USA)
SanDisk 64 GB microSDHC (Class 10 UHC-1 whatever)

Put the microSD card in my phone and I got error "Blank Card." Tried to format through phone - nada. It would say "Checking Card" then go back to "Blank Card." Tried formatting through computer (via a card reader.) First time I tried Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) No luck. Then I tried formatting the card first on the computer as MS-DOS (FAT) THEN putting it in my phone to format via my phone. Bingo! Hooked up my phone to my Mac via data cable, transferred some files over and tested: audio via doubleTwist. Check. Some digital comics via Comicrack. Check. Took a picture (via Vignette camera app,) save to SD storage. Check.

Double-checked to make sure everything works the way it's supposed to and it does. So the moral of the story is if your phone doesn't immediately recognize the card, you may have to format it (to FAT) first on your computer (I'm assuming Windoze would have something similar,) then reformat it again in the phone so that it formats the way it's supposed to. Hope that helps...

Anonymous Says : trash icon

I guess it's safe to say that the current generation of flagships: Samsung Galaxy S4, LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia Z and ZL and such now officially support 64gb micro sdxc cards. Too bad the HTC One and DNA/Butterfly don't have card slots. I can't wait for 128gb micro sd xc cards come out coz theoretically these SDXC cards can go up to as much as 2TBs. Online cloud storage never really worked for me.

Anonymous Says : trash icon

What is the difference between the UHS-1 Class 10 card and the previous Class 6 cards - both 64gb micro sdxc by Sandisk? Just speed? Will our phones even recognize the difference?

Anonymous Says : trash icon

have you guys tried mounting it in your computer, using the phone itself, a card reader or another phone.

in my computer right click it and click format, click set default, then set it to fat32 and hit format.

your phone is more likely to now recognise it at last

ig it recognises it but not reads it, format it again using phones format option in settings/storage

uaflyer Says : trash icon

I managed to get one Amazon warehouse deals for $21. The current retail price there is about $40 shipped. Will update on my Cyanogenmod XT912

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