Difference Between: iMessage vs SMS Text Message


iMessageWith the latest version of iOS released (iOS 5 direct download links), great new features are now available like iCloud, System-wide Dictionary Lookup, Cards, and more. One of the coolest new features that iOS 5 brings and probably the one that will be most used and talked about is iMessage - a new messaging app that looks to challenge Blackberry's BBM.

iMessage is a great alternative for SMS or Text Messaging - owners of iDevices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, are now able to send free text messages to each other - provided that a data connection is available, either through Wi-Fi or network data.

One slight problem though is that users might have a little trouble differentiating iMessage from regular SMS or Text Message. The answer to this is simply - iMessage = Blue and SMS / Text Message = Green. From the message thread screen of the iOS 5, the send button and the outgoing messages bubbles are colored blue. For SMS, the send button (which was previously blue in older iOS versions) is colored green, along with the outgoing chat bubbles. Hopefully this will clear confusion between the two messaging platforms in iOS 5.


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